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We conduct thalassaemia awareness and detection camps in colleges, various organizations ,corporate and business houses and mandals along with organizing blood donation camps for supporting supply of blood for thalassaemia major patients at various colleges , railway stations, housing societies, corporate houses and other organizations.

ACTIVITIES conducted:

Out of Total 100 Thalassaemia major patients with St. George’s Hospital’s-(At V.T.) Thalassaemia Dept. which comes under Blood Bank our N.G.O. PATUT has adopted 25 Thalassaemia major patients. And we cater to A to Z of their well being, Iron chelation after Blood transfusion, medication, group discussion i.e. staff of Thalassaemia Dept, Hospital authorities and parents for their suggestions, grievances and project enhancement etc., as mentioned below:-

  1. Provide them Tab. Asunra, Kelfer & Inj. Desilox absolute free of cost. Other patients are also included with due procedure and Committee’s approval.
  2. Conduct Thalassaemia awareness camps in Housing Societies, Colleges & various Corporate Houses as well as mandals and other organizations.
  3. Publish pictoral journal for common public awareness in collaboration with Novartis Pharma and distribute to Government setups, various Health posts, Primary Health Centres and select public Libraries.
  4. PATUT arranges Mini-medical camps with experts in the field of Onco-Haematology and Endocrinology of great repute at L.T.M.G. Sion Hospital with our patients, their parents to regularize their dosage and answer any queries. We also carryout rest of the other Thalassaemia major patient’s complete health profile from N.M.Medical centre and C.B.Patel Research Centre twice a year free of cost.
  5. At St. George’s Thalassaemia ward, we organize annual get together of official staff of hospital plus parents and patients to summerise the whole year activities with Satyanarayan puja, some recreation and some complimentary gifts from the PATUT to all the 100 patients with the ward as well as felicitating the official authorities
  6. PATUT also arranges Blood donation drive to support the Blood transfusion.
  7. Some of the names of the places where we have conducted Thalassaemia Detection Camps:-
    Tata Consultancy Services., SaiBaba Charitable Trust-Borivali, Nirmala Niketan(Home Science) College-Churchgate., S.N.D.T. College-Churchgate., K.J.Somaiya Hospital and College- Sion., Jilla Central Karagar-Kalyan.
  8. Recently we have successfully carried out Thalassaemia awareness campaign with 18 Police Stations of South Region Nagapada, Mumbai -8, comprising respective Police Station, Head of Departments and their Subordinates and Associates.

Our N.G.O. also gives medical aids to Bone marrow transplant surgeries for the true needy cases as for the following patients.

  1. Miss Krishika V. Lekhrajani. Age-6 yrs donated Rs. 1,00,000 on 15/7/2011 for her surgery at Christian Medical College- Vellore.
  2. Miss Aradhya A. Bhojne. Age – 5 yrs donated Rs. 1,00.000 on 5/4/2012 for her surgery at Christian Medical College – Vellore.
  3. Miss Mahima Pandey. Age 5 yrs donated Rs. 2,00,000 on 11/6/2012 at Grant Medical Foundation-Ruby Hall Clinic-Pune.
  4. Master Shloh Bharat Bhanushali. Age 5 yrs donated Rs. 1,00,000 for his surgery on 23/8/2012 at Christian Medical College- Vellore.
  5. Master Ameya Yashwante – Age 5 yrs donated Rs. 1,00,000 for his surgery on 29/11/2012 at Grant Medical Foundation- Ruby Hall Clinic – Pune

Our N.G.O. has also paid Rs.2,50,000 on 17.7.2012 to Spectrum Health Care towards cost of supply of one Bottle each of Chelator Desirox on concessional basis to 20 Thalassaemia patients every month for the period 1/8/12 to 31/7/13.

Our N.G.O. has also donated Blood Cell Counter Machine (Mythic 18) to Shri C.B.Patel Research Centre. (V.Parle-W) on 21st November 2011 of Rs. 4,00,000.

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