The Parents Association – Thalassaemic Unit was formed on February 22, 1986 with 34 parents of the Thalassaemic children and some honorary workers who were interested in rendering service to the children. Late Mrs. Leela Moolgaokar was the Founder Hon. President. Shri Pankaj Udhas is the present Hon. President and Shri Thakorebhai Desai the founder Hon. Vice President.
The Thalassemic Unit, at St.Geoge’s hospital was sanctioned by the state government in 1980, and there were four children who took blood transfusion in 1982.
Our main event is by annually Thalassaemia profile check up for all of 90 Thalassaemia major patients with St. George hospital regional blood bank Thalassaemia ward department (vity) Mumbai-1, get together once in a year with recreation and some pleasantry exchange.

Important points to REMEMBER
Doing Blood test for Thalassaemia Minor is very important for:
Youngsters who are not married
Those who are married and planning
    to have a child, even if they have
    already had children
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