What is Thalassaemia?
Thalassaemia Major
What is Thalassaemia Trait?
Alpha Thalassaemia
Beta Thalassaemia
Who Carries the Thalassaemia Trait?
Thalassaemia Trait Testing
Prenatal Testing for Thalassaemia
Important Points to REMEMBER
  • Doing Blood test for Thalassaemia Minor is very important for:
        Youngsters who are not married
        Those who are married and planning to have a child, even if they have already had children
  • The test can be done at any age, but only once in one’s lifetime
  • If one is a Thalassaemia Minor, it is very important that the spouse/ spouse-to-be is also tested for Thalassaemia Minor
  • If one of the two partners in a marriage is not a Thalassaemia Minor there is nothing to worry
  • If both partners in a marriage are Thalassaemia Minor, a Pre Natal test should be done if they want to have children
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